kuhlerize for the people!

We focus on youth upliftment, youth in high schools, women empowerment, graduates that are not yet employed and we support raw talent to be recognized. 
There is so much work to be done and we are ready to grow with our members and supporters, we see possibilities.

447 Mahatma Gandhi Road, South Beach, Durban, South Africa.

Call: +(27)78 8262 152


MONDAY - THURSDAY: 09h00 - 17h00

FRIDAY: 10h00 - 15h00


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Our vision

We see possibilities and understand the problems of this generation, we envision a motivated, ambitious full of audacity to do great things kind of youth stopping at nothing to reach their dreams. Forth forceful, full of hope, healthy young people that have information, able to sharpen their skills and access good opportunities to prove who they are and submit their contribution to the development of this country.

our mission

To provide platforms where people can be recognized accordingly and treated firmly and are given equal opportunities, providing support in communities and encourage people to use their abilities to create their better lives.


Kuhlerize first commitment is to adhere to good cooperate governance principles and ensuring that we maintain our reputational capital by always looking out for the people and placing those we support first no matter what.


When your values are compromised by external factors, your inner self is suffocated, and that naturally expresses itself in negative emotions. Identifying your values and making the link between them and situations that leave you feeling negative is one of the most important steps you can take towards positivity.

  • we groom

    Starting something new from an idea, trusting in the self and God, support along the way.

  • we encourage

    Set high standards for your behavior & stick to them, even in difficult situations.

  • we guide

    Humanity all the way, do things with love, believing in yourself and all peoples worth.

  • we empower

    By Showing the way, encouraging ownership and confidence in decision making then taking action.

  • we nurture

    The beauty of the difference in humans and that people are capable to do great things in different ways, pace and styles.

  • we restore

    Bringing people together though their differences to be able to love and respect each other.

our pride

We are proud to announce the people that have joined us and are working towards changing their lives.